Meeting with Poultry Farmers Community

As the regular monthly activities, BeezBistar Foundation (BBF) organized a meeting with 18 farmers where 15 were female at the Yard of Sishir Poultry Khamar,Batikamari, Kumarkhali, Kustia on 26th August 2018. The purpose of this meeting was to aware farmers on good farm management practices along with Good personal Hygiene Practices during the time of farm rearing period.

In this meeting Doli Bhadra briefed the farmers that during the time of poultry feed purchasing all farmers should follow some important points like: proper leveling with mentioning name and address of the feed producer, net weight with percentage of main nutritional feed additives, Batch/lot no of feed, manufacturing and expiry date along with proper storage facility by the dealer. She also shared her views that as there is no system to get the brand /safe feed for our poultry we should aware ourselves to make the available feed safe for our farms by checking these few points.

The poultry farmers reported that due to Upazila Consumers Committee (UCC) regular awareness and motivation program they are now practicing good farm management practices like use of fewer antibiotics than earlier, regular cleanliness of their farm premises. The cooperation and collaboration with Local DLS officials has also increased by this time as representative of poultry farmers regularly meet with DLS officials in monthly consultation meeting. Farmers also mentioned that by the BBF project consultation they formed a Samity where 42 poultry farmers are working as member by providing 100BDT /Month and they try to run this Samity by liaison with UpazilaSomobai Office as registered Samity.All farmers were agreed that as big poultry farmers have association they can raise their voice for unfavorable condition of poultry market that small scale farmers did not due to lack of unity and to overcome this Samity was formed.

As part of good practices Md. Faruk Hossain, Poultry Farmer informed the meeting participants that he run 4 farm batches of 2600 chicks without use of antibiotics and that inspired other farmers to do the same. The good practices that Faruk followed like: use of separate cloth and shoe for farms, regular veterinary supervision by local DLS, and use of foot bath as well as regular use of disinfectants for farm premises spraying. Faruk also said that involvement of women in farm management can provide extra support to maintaining good personal hygiene as well as good farm management.

Farmers recommended in meeting that Government should reduce the farm registration fee as well as to include the small farmers under registration specially those who rear 500-800 poultry.They requested to form a price fixation body/committee for DOC,Feed and live poultry to run their business smoothly.




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