Poultry and dairy products marketing through dealer pick up van

Saiful Islam, a model feed dealer of Sadar Tangail Upazila. He involved with Food Safety Governance in Poultry Sector Project since 2018. He have been participated series of events organized by Food Safety project on poultry sector awareness and governance. He have licensed as feed dealer and followed safe management of his shop with hygienic storage. He have been selling only DLS licensed feed mills feed with followed the booklet published by the Food Safety project on DLS licensed feed mills. He is very friendly and move around poultry farmers as regular basis for reaching them quality poultry feed and also supporting poultry farmers for marketing of their poultry products. He is also member of the CIG group of NATP (National Agriculture Technology Program).

Recent past IBP Food safety governance in poultry sector project and NATP have working together for improving food safety governance and improving livelihood of poultry stakeholders. NATP in consultation with DLS decided to give a pick up van to Saiful Islam form NATP for supporting poultry farmers and LBM actors. Accordingly the pick-up van was handed over to Saiful Islam.

After receiving pick up van Saiful Islam became more encouraged. In consultation and taking support from the BBF and UCC Saiful have been regularly providing support for reaching feed to poultry farmers, providing marketing support to poultry farmers and LBM actors.

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