Women entrepreneurship through safe poultry production

“IBP on Food Safety Governance in Poultry Sector” project have been engaging with women and young people in the poultry sector to explore the specific challenges that they face in the sector and identify specifically targeted strategies for addressing those challenges that can be taken up by Government and civil society. In this regard guided by insight gained through outreach to these groups as part of its work to act on its Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Policy. There are 10 women groups formally developed with 125 women poultry farmers. In addition 293 poor and marginalized women poultry farmers involved with the project as backyard poultry farmers. There are 9 transgender are also involved with the Food Safety project have been rearing backyard poultry birds. 

The project have regular communication with these women and socially excluded members of poultry farmers. The have very good relationship with the DLS, LDDP, NATP, LGI, Department of Health, local buyers and related other stakeholders. They are getting the services from the DLS and developing their poultry farm as model farm for producing safe poultry products. With the project events they have been sharing good farm practices experiences among the respective authorities. These relationship helping them more support during COVID 19 pandemic.

The DLS Livestock Dairy Development Project (LDDP) have been providing financial assistant with the victim farmers of COVID 19. The National Agriculture Technology Project (NATP) have merged women poultry farmers with the Common Interest Group (CIG) of NATP. This relationship have carrying out broadly development of poultry and dairy system.


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