Joint Monitoring of Poultry Sector by Local Administration

Food safety governance in poultry sectors project was implemented in Kumarkhali Upazila from 2017 by BeezBistar Foundation (BBF) with the support from Promoting Knowledge for Accountable System (PROKAS), British Council. Under this project a monthly joint monitoring activity has been continuing from 2018 to date. In each project area BBF conducted one joint monitoring visit headed by Upazila Livestock Officer in local live bird market, feed dealer and poultry farmers. The purpose of joint monitoring visit is to check the registered farms and licensed dealers whether thy follow the feed rules and act properly to ensure food safety governance in poultry sector. Joint monitoring teams encourage the unregistered and unlicensed farmers and dealers in line to include them on registration and licensing procedures also.

In the joint monitoring team BBF included local administration, Sanitary Inspector, Market Committee member, Consumer committee member along with representative from local government. From starting to date all associated member along with general consumers appreciated the joint monitoring visit. Due to joint monitoring visit feed dealers and farmers are doing license and registration. Live Bird Market (LBM) sellers are practicing good hygienic practices and follow good waste disposal system. Consequences of this joint monitoring effect local administration formed a committee with 17 members by including representative from BBF for monitoring the product price list and its quality. In this committee Assistant Commissioner (Land) is the organizer and the remaining 16 are members of the committee including upazila livestock officer, upazila agriculture officer, upazila sanitary inspector, officer incharge, Kumarkhali upazila and BBF. The Upazila Nirbahi officer, Kumarkhali declared this committee to monitor the market once in a week regarding product price, its quality and report the monitoring visit accordingly in monthly coordination meeting. The formation of committee by BBF has created a sustainable way for joint monitoring visit under Food Safety (FS) project.

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