Mainstreaming Gender and Social Inclusion (GESI) into program

Learning and sharing workshop on mainstreaming gender and social inclusion into program cycle was held on 5th March 2019 in Non- Government Organization (NGO) Forum for Public Health, Lalmatia, Dhaka. There were 12 participants were from Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB), 10 officials from BeezBistar Foundation (BBF) and 3 persons from Promoting Knowledge for Accountable System (PROKAS). Among 25 participants 18 were male and 7 were female. Meeting was started at 9:30 am and welcome remarks were given by Nuzhat and Jony from CAB AND BBF.Moderators of meeting wereFahimaKhatun Liza,RonySarkar from BBF and Kamrunnahar Shompa from CAB.

Purpose of the meeting was to know the way for the inclusion of socially excluded female, poor, third gender, autistic and ethnic minority people into Issue Based Partner (IBP) program cycle. The meeting was started through singing of national anthem by all participants.Firstly moderator Lizabriefed the meeting idea and a short power point sessionwas delivered by Md Mohidul Hoque, CAB on some definition of GESI. Then Liza divided all participants into three groups to do the joint work on different name of human where all participants work within their groups to find out the task and group works were presented among the participants.

Kamrunnahar Shompa took the sessions on way of GESI into program cycle and she described the four steps of GESI inclusion in Bengali for better understanding of all participants. Mr. Sharif from PROKAS provided technical assistance for more clarification asked from participants accordingly.

After tea break Liza conducted the session on concept of human rights and inclusion through poster presentation and discussions. She shared a brief discussion on patriarchy, institutions , organizations and how patriarchy controls women, through group work.

Liza also shared a brief gender action plan through power point presentation. She mentioned the way of GESI into program cycle by inclusion of GESI in line with increasing participation of skilled and empowered GESI people into IBP upcoming program.

Mr. Sharif conducted the session on GESI tools for strengthening the participation and recognition of socially excluded people formainstreaming GESI into program cycle. He shared two tools into easy way where all participants actively participated to understand the tools. After the session Mr.Sharif asked the participants whether they understood these two tools or not and all agreed that both tools will be very effective for IBP partners to incorporate GESI in their upcoming filed program. BBF and CB were ensured by PROKAS to prepare and send an updated GESI action plan by March 2019. The meeting was concluded through feedback from participantsas well as thanks given.

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