Information dissemination in relation to food safety governance

A sharing meeting with local media personnelwas held on 28th March 2019 in Public Library Auditoriu, Kumarkhali, Kusthtia. There were 13 journalists including upazila reporters of Daily Desher Bani, Ajker Alo, Kustiar Kagoze and Bhorer Dak attended the event. The key guests were Dr. Prokash Ranjan Biswas, Upazila Livestocvk Officer, Kumarkhali, Kushtia and Dr. Md. Nahid Hasan, Livestock Extension Officer, Department of Livestock Services, Kumarkhali. The purpose of the meeting was to share the background concern of poultry feed industry and need based effort taken by Issue Based Partner (IBP) to mitigate the challenges to ensure food safety governance in poultry sector.

BeezBistar Foundation (BBF) considered media personnel meeting very important as recent time print and electronic media have broadcasted different events and news on food adulteration, contamination along with unsafe feed preparation and trading that attracts consumers to raise their voice on food safety issues. Different regulatory authorities have been taking measures by creating different acts, rules and policies to overcome the food safety challenges through the implementation of acts and rules. To aware mass population on food safety issues media can play an important role through their voluntary engagements through publishing news and events in food safety related program as well as to follow up the published activities. Through the media sharing meetings BBF and local media personnel were committed to work on following theme of joint initiative activities for upcoming days to ensure food safety governance in poultry sector:

  • Voluntary Engagement of media personnel in regular IBP program activities
  • Broadcast regular event report on IBP program activities
  • Strengthen joint monitoring as well as follow up visiting farmers, dealers and Live Bird Market (LBM) actors
  • Aware local people on different food safety achievements and challenges to enhance food safety publicity in media
  • Involvement of media people to follow up the IBP program activities

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