Collective Initiative for mobile marketing of poultry products in Tangail

During this pandemic situation of COVID 19 joint initiative have taken for providing marketing support of Poultry and Dairy products in Tangail.  This collective initiative have taken by Tangail District Administration, Department of Livestock Services (DLS), Upazila Consumer Committee (UCC), Dairy and Poultry farmers association, Upazila Consumers Committee (UCC) and Beez Bistar Foundation (BBF).

The event was launched by Md. Ataul Gani, District Commissioner (DC), Tangail with the presence of  Dr. Md. Rana Miah (DLO), Md. Hasan-Al-Sharif Liaison and Monitoring Officer of Beez Bistar Foundation, General secretary of Poultry Association, President of Dairy Association, UCC members of sadar and Delduar, poultry farmers, dairy farmers, LBM actors and feed dealer on 11 April 2021.

The mobile marketing of poultry produce and milk demonstrated by pick up van with banner. This vehicle was moved around in various spot of Tangail city in  DC office compound, Niralar mor, Notun bus stand, Puraton bus stand, Choyani bazar, Pachani bazar, Shantikunjer mor and baby stand. It was sold 5000 eggs, 400 chicken and 250L milk.

BBF delivered awareness raising leaflets among people for taking more poultry and dairy product especially in covid-19 situation. The products procured directly from the farmers and sold money deposited among the farmers.

The intervention drawn a huge attraction of common people in city and consumers became very happy for the safe and healthy poultry products they received with easy access and with reasonable price. This initiative was very helpful for the farmers in this pandemic situation.

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