Mobile Selling Center of Egg and Broiler

A joint initiative was taken by Delduar Upazila Parishod and Beez Bistar Foundation in this COVID-19 situation to offer people with animal protein at retail price. The initiative was known as “Mobile marketing of poultry products”. In the continuation of this initiative, a mobile celling center was arranged at Sadar, Delduar on 21st April, 2021. In this celling activity local consumers got a huge discount on retail price where 800 number of eggs were sold at 6.7 BDT per unit and 201 number of 448 kg live broiler at 120 Tk per Kg in Delduar sadar bazar from 9 am to 2 pm. That activity captured a huge attention of common people in this union. All the poultry products were collected directly from the poultry farmers which made them a way to have some profit in this lockdown situation. Md. Arifur Rahman, Livestock Extension Officer (LEO) of Delduar upozila; Md. Hasan-Al-Sharif, ,Liaision and Monitoring Officer; BBF; Md. Abu Hanif, Liaision and Monitoring Officer; BBF; Md. Majid and Md. Mustofa  Salesmen were present there to success the event. The Livestock and Dairy Development project (LDDP) delegates also participated in this event willingly. The mobile selling activity was performed by pick up van with a titled Banner. This vehicle moved in various spot of Sadar union. As part of this activity, awareness raising leaflets were distributed among people while selling meat and egg.

People are benefited by purchasing poultry and dairy product at cheaper price. In this pandemic situation, this mobile market was assuring quality protein at minimum prize and that was so helpful for villagers and other people.

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