Emergency Mobile Selling Center of Egg and Broiler at Elachipur

A mobile market was operated at Elachipur, Delduar, Tangail on 23rd April, 2021 from 9 am to 2pm. It was an initiative taken jointly by Delduar Upozila parishod and Beez Bistar Foundation(BBF), Md. Arifur Rahman, Livestock Extension Officer of Delduar upozila; Md. Hasan-Al-Sharif , Liaision and Monitoring Officer; BBF, Md. Hero Miah a Salesman of poultry products were present in the event. The mobile selling activity was conducted by a pick-up van where a titled banner was hanged. This vehicle moved in various spot of Fazilhati union and sold the poultry products. Local consumer got a huge discount on retail price. 650 numbers of egg were sold at 6.50 BDT per unit and 190 number of broilers weighing 410 kg at Tk 120 per kg were sold in Silimpur Bazar. While selling these poultry products, awareness raising leaflets had been also distributed among the consumers.

In this raising COVID-19 situation this program helped the poultry farmer to sell their products. Thus this event had been helping the people by assuring quality protein at minimum prize for the consumers. The initiative developed direct relationship between producers of poultry products and consumers.

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