Capacity Building of model poultry farmers  

Two days long workshop on Capacity building in KPI (Key Performance indicator) for master trainer was held of BBF working areas in Delduar, Tangail Sadar, Kumarkhali and Sreepur upazila. Department of Livestock Services (DLS) officials, Upazila Consumer Committee (UCC) members, Local Govt. officials, farmers and staffs from Beez Bistar Foundation (BBF) were participated in the event. Average 15 representatives of poultry sector participated in training workshop.

The objective of workshops was to develop model poultry farmers for safe and qualitative poultry rearing following by the bio safety measures. The training materials used in the workshops were “Safe Broiler husbandry Information Book” and “Flip Chart of Safe Poultry Value Chain Training Module” booklet which were published by BBF in collaboration with DLS. By following these materials the model poultry farmers have been  practicing safety measures and safe poultry rearing principles including more access to get veterinary services; able to adopt good hygiene, sanitation practices, safe farm management and maintaining proper record keeping practices.

During event the project had offered hand washing facilities and hand sanitizer to all of the participants. Face masks were delivered and personal safety distance were maintained in the meeting. The meeting room was previously cleaned with antiseptics and germicides to make the hall room safe for all.

In these workshops, Upazila livestock Officer (ULO) attended as chief guest in respective areas and  presented  valuable speech on good farm management practices and committed to support the farmers when they need.

BBF field staffs took the session on “Code of Practices (CoP) on Farm production practices” and talked on practicing 10 habits for establishing safe poultry farms.

Jahangir Alam Jony, CEO, BBF discussed about the different steps of model farming practices. He discussed the steps needed for the model poultry farmers- Enlisted as farmers/ beneficiaries under IBP FS project, 5 years running experience on poultry farming, last 6 month continuation of poultry rearing /batch/ cycle At least have the ability to read and write, good working relation with the local DLS officials, having leadership ability and motivational capacity, at least 25% model farmers will be women, youth and socially excluded people Farms capacity should be 1000+ poultry for commercial and backyard for 50 poultry, Farm structure (good netting, position, location,), waste management (Good drainage, waste disposal provision). He said model poultry farmers have to maintain 10 control measures for safe and quality poultry products. He also talked on the good sides of farm registrations. He added that if farmers access the aided services of BBF on farm registration campaign they could do their task easily. The project is developing relationship with the buyers both at local and national level for better marketing of model poultry farmers’ safe produces.

It was a basic training on how to work in field with the farmers and how to help them on keep practice of hygiene for better poultry production.

The model poultry farm with the participation of multi stakeholder engagement and collective action helping that bringing together the government, civil society and the private sector to develop partnerships and promote new ways of working that better serve the citizens in relation to improving safe poultry value chain.


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