A team of five members form DLS have visited Food Safety project area in Delduar Tangail during 11 12 October 2021. The team headed by Dr. Md. Afaz Uddin Miah, Director, Divisional Livestock Department, Dhaka. The other team members were Dr. Malay Kumar Sur, Deputy Director, Planning; Dr. Md. Abul Kalam Azad, Deputy Director,  Government Poultry Breeding and Development Farm;      Mr. Mojibur Rahaman, Assistant Director, Production and Shahinur Khatun, Upazila Livestock Officer, Central Poultry Farm, Dhaka. The District Livestock Officer (DLO) Tangail , Veterinary  Surgeon and LDDP representatives also participated with the DLS visiting  team.

One of the key area of the project is the Model poultry farm. The Model farms were developed from the selective poultry farmers in the technical support and consultation with the DLS and BBF. The model poultry farmers were received training of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) from the DLS and BBF and maintaining Farm Record Book those jointly developed by the DLS and BBF. They have been maintaining biosafety principles, no use / undrawn period of antibiotics, keeping all the records including productivity and calculating FCR. The Model poultry farmers have been regularly monitored by DLS and Upazila Consumers Committee (UCC) members.  

The team visited Model Poultry Farm in the village of Mushuria, Hinganagar, Atia and Bishnupur village. The team had intensive interaction with the model poultry farmers. The farmers positively responded the questions made by the visiting team.  

After visit the Model Poultry Farm the visiting team shared their observations regarding the poultry farm. They expressed that the Model farms have well organized, technically fit and the farmers are well sound for developing their farms. We the DLS representative are really happy that they are producing safe poultry meat and eggs very efficient and qualitative way. We are committed to extend our cooperation among the model poultry farmers from the DLS. We have introduced two chicken breeds and one goat breed. We may give to the BBF for regenerating these breeds by the farmers.       

Model Poultry Farmers Certification giving ceremony

On 12 October the team have participated certification giving ceremony of Model Poultry Farmers. The event was chaired by Dr. Md. Rana Miah, DLO, Tangail while Chief Guest was Dr. Md. Afaz Uddin Miah, Director, Divisional Livestock Department, Dhaka. Jahangir Alam Jony, General Secretary shared the achievements, learning and way forward of Food safety governance in poultry sector project. He said we are now about 100 % of feed dealer licensing in the project areas where base line statistics was none. The project have developed multi stakeholder engagement, collective action, positive system change and better enforcement of laws and policies. During pandemic situation the project have organized mobile marketing jointly with DLS and BBF in collaboration with UCC and local government institution. The Model Poultry Farming one of the key visible achievement of project for producing safe poultry products. The approach of Joint Monitoring Visit, UCC model have been replicating by interested institutions and stakeholders.

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