Climate change and agriculture

A meeting was held on “The impact of climate change on agriculture and what to do next” in Veramara village, Kushtia. Beezbistar Foundation (BBF) team, Kushtia arranged this discussion with the farmers where different impact of climate change on agriculture had been discussed. Total 15 participants were present at this meeting including farmers and BBF Kushtia staff members. Farmers shared their views and experience on the impact of changing climate on agriculture. At present, the farmers are noticing various changes in the climate. According to them, Allah has made the crop i.e. agricultural calendar keeping in tune with each season cycle and that is how the farmers are reaping the harvest. But at present, due to lack of rain, water flow, steepness and fog, they are facing many problems in harvesting crops. Especially now it is the right time of planting vegetable crops as it is the month of Kartik but it is very hot during the day and very cold at night. There is no fog which is the main food of winter vegetables. In their language, more the “nehar” (fog), the vegetables will grow more faster. The farmers said that they are trying to cope with this changing situation. To cope with this climate change, farmers are cultivating shrubs such as lentils, peas and chilies to keep the soil cool, especially in the scorching heat. They also shared some future plans such as- crop rotation and planting on the same land, planting mixed crops, crop cultivation according to the type of land. In the end they gave their sincere thanks to BBF to arrange this meeting. 

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